Win more candidates with interactive job offers

Beautiful offer experience that explains total compensation, simulates future equity value, answers common questions, and welcomes candidates to your team

Closing top candidates is harder than ever

Standing out is difficult

Free cold brew isn't good enough anymore

Offer Q&A takes hours

Long post-offer processes lose candidates

Equity is under-valued

95% of candidates don't understand your offer

Deliver a candidate experience that dazzles

It can cost over $5,000 to interview a candidate

Losing a candidate at offer stage sucks!

Staffparty can help
  1. Build a recruiting brand that stands out
  2. Show off what makes your company great
  3. Communicate the true value of your offer
  4. Welcome candidates with transparency

Equity simulations motivate candidates to say "hell yes"

Equity is often misunderstood. Simulations of wealth growing with the company shows candidates what they'd be missing out on.


Candidates quickly understand their offer value

Most companies force candidates to dig for details about comp and benefits. Sharing it early and beautifully makes it hard to say no.


Candidates feel like they belong before Day 1

It's hard to convey a great team vibe. Staffparty makes it fun and easy for your team to welcome candidates to the party with personalized notes.

Hiring is a team sport

Candidates who know their future coworkers are MUCH more likely to accept a job offer
  1. Personalized welcome notes from colleagues
  2. 1-1 video introductions from coworkers
  3. Welcome messages from execs

For leaders who want the best


Your team deserves the best tools to win top candidates


Innacurately communicating a new hire's offer is hard to fix


Centralize, track, and version offers to stay organized


Staffparty saves 5+ hours of Q&A per candidate

Pre-built offer templates make it easy to get started

  1. Equity templates for every department
  2. Benefits templates for every geography
Send first offer in
5 minutes