A new way to communicate with candidates

A personal hub where candidates get everything they need during your recruiting process

This is exactly what the future
of recruiting looks like.

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Treat every candidate
like a VIP

( On a startup budget )

Communicate on autopilot

Invite candidates to a personal dashboard showing their progress in your interview process, and so much more.

Staffparty automates hours of communication with every candidate, and has a killer Slack integration so candidates can DM their recruiting team in real time.

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Rally your team

Automate how you gather welcome messages from interviewers and execs. Build trust, show off your culture, and have fun!

The difference between average recruiters and great recruiters really comes down to building trust with candidates.

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Candidates now share their recruiting experiences openly in public, and no one is capitalizing on that. Imagine if every candidate was so impressed by their experience interviewing at your company that they told their friends and shared on social. It's free marketing, and can supercharge any recruiting program. That's what Staffparty delivers.

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Ask for feedback

Watch as candidates share specific feedback about each interview stage and their interviewers. Minimize the risk of a negative Glassdoor review.

Staffparty’s unique approach to gathering feedback from candidates provides recruiters with a pulse on every touch-point in the recruiting experience.

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Get new insights

Use out-of-the-box analytics to identify the most engaged candidates, and step in before there is drop-off.

Staffparty is bringing something new to the table. They are super focused on both the candidate and the recruiter experience! Love working with their team!

Recruiting leader at Doordash

Staffparty builds their products alongside a community of A+ founders and recruiters - and it shows. Working with their team has been such a treat, and they innovate super fast - I’ve never seen a team move so quickly.

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Hey everyone —

I’m Patrick, founder at Staffparty.

Communication is so important during the recruiting process.

But despite using an ATS, manual emailing, and occasional check-ins, the recruiting process still lack stransparency.

These days, providing a great candidate experience results in higher win rates. And any gaps in communication end up on Glassdoor as a permanent negative comment.

We are building Staffparty to make recruiting transparent, efficient, and playful for candidates and for hiring teams.

Thanks for your support!

— Patrick

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